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Dreamgrow ja Conversion XL korraldatud Eliitlaager 2015 on selleks korraks läbi. Seitsmendas Eliitlaagris oli osalejaid ligi 200. Esindatud oli 22 riiki. Esinejatena astusid üles 16 maailma tipptegijat. Kolm päeva Laulasmaa Spa hotellis olid täis praktilist teadmiste jagamist , kolleegidega suhtlemist ja õhtuti aitas DJ Craig Sullivan (@optimiseordie) peole hoo sisse anda.

elite camp 2015 optimiseordie

Esinejatelt tuli uskumatult palju praktilist väärtust, mida kohe rakendada:

Noah Kagan

SumoMe, @noahkagan

Move your CTAs higher in your posts, people might not read your whole post through. But everything in the middle and top third.

Chris Hexton

Vero, @chexton

Segmentation matters, don’t send out too many emails. Your newsletter is fighting with other emails in the subscribers inbox. Nobody likes waking up to 158 new letters.

Brian Dean

Backlinko, @backlinko

Don’t do generic pitches, give your visitors something more specialized that they are interested in. Make a direct value proposition. You can link different propositions with different pages, people in the about page are looking for something else then people on a blog post.

Oli Gardner

Unbounce, @oligardner

If they’re about to buy, don’t too something stupid. Remove unnecessary copy from near your CTAs.

John Ekman

Conversionista! @conversionista

When people want to leave – Ask them why are they unsubscribing? – Make your users think twice if they actually want to leave your service.

Peep Laja

ConversionXL, @peeplaja

Somebody else’s test results are useless – they are solutions for somebody else’s problem.

Paul Rouke

PRWD, @paulrouke

Innovative testing – full redesign, radical tests, changing customer journeys – very bold testing.

Marie Polli

ConversionXL, @mariepolli

Measure everything – from the start, so you got the data when you are ready to start testing – Set it up NOW!

Ton Wesseling

Testing.agency, @tonw

Paras Chopra

VWO, @paraschopra

Hunches are not knowledge, they are a source of assumptions – think of terms of assumptions that need to be tested, rather than implemented. Minimal viable campaigns to test these assumptions – do low-cost campaigns to find out if your assumptions are true?

Matt Gerhshoff

Conductrics, @mgershoff

Use data to help assign customers to experience – different customers want different experience.

Craig Sullivan

Optimise or Die, @optimiseordie

Stop copying your competitors – they don’t what they are doing either:

  • your customers are not the same
  • your site is not the same
  • the traffic is not the same

Andre Morys

Web Arts, @morys

I am able to buy ( usability, accessibility, visibility ) > I want to buy > I have to buy ( brand, habit ) – Don’t change your templates, change the people.

Aleyda Solis

Orainti, @aleyda

Infinite scrolling can be optimized to become indexable – make no excuses.

Simo Ahava

Reaktor, @simoahava

Priit Kallas

Dreamgrow, @dreamgrow

Award the people – let them know that there is always something else coming up – “if you read this you will get this, after that you will get another bonus”.

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